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Only Alex Jones Sleeps With 6 Guns…

6 Jan

I had a dream a few days ago that I was giving voice lessons to the girl from iCarly.  She kept showing up drunk over and over again until I awoke.

The next night I had a dream that I was a soldier in World War II, on the Nazi side….wrong on so many levels.


10-year-old Joseph McVay shot his mother in the back of the head. They were having a heated argument about chores, fetching some firewood.


If you aren’t already subscribed to TheYoungTurks on youtube, you’re a douchebag.  Great progressive news network.


It’s this kind of shit that makes you think, “what the fuck is going on?”


What did the older brother say? – They’re a “country family”, good one buddy.

I know I’d be insane to point fingers here (wait for it), but you’ve got to be off your rocker if you buy a gun and think, “Gee, let’s put it up in Joey’s room!”, six times in a fucking row.

I’ve got a theory here.  I don’t know much about the McVay family but I have to ask, what the hell are you trying to protect your family from?  6 guns? in the kid’s room?

You MUST be preparing for war!  Cenk from TheYoungTurks blames it on culture, I blame it on right-wing fuck-faces who preach the ideas of, “you’re either with us or against us”, “you’re either with us or you’re terrorists.”

Don’t you fucks understand how paranoid that makes people?

I am sure there are MANY “country families” out there without dozens of guns in their house…

The ones with more than …say 20..have got to be on the drug that is the right wing propaganda machine.

When you possess enough guns in your house that you can overthrow a small government, you ought to fucking downsize.

But wait! There’s pretty much no government regulation of guns anyway!

The way shit is done in this country is just fucking bizarre.  How much more backwards can we go?

Give me some fuckin’ hope here.  No never mind, I’m addicted to misery.  In fact, I enjoy it.


On the up side,

New study indicates that women actually feel more productive in the kitchen than they do in the workplace.

Just kidding!  Yeah yeah, get mad.  Hate me enough to keep coming back you sick fucks.

So, there’s this website , http://feralarmy.com where I will be posting to regularly.

You’ll get my more serious side on FeralArmy, but I will try to keep quenching your regular thirst for cocks, cunts, and Barbara Bush’s pet gerbil.

Look, I’m doing the pee-pee dance!


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