Oh You Silly Ruthless Dictators and Your Funny Names.

12 Feb

So the Fudge Packers got the job done during the Super Bowel- Are you pissed off yet at my indifference to this?

I’m not a huge fan of jacked monsters smashing into each other.

Take that last statement how you may, it was definitely not gay.  Holy shit, did that just rhyme?

Am I the only one who, upon hearing Super Bowl, still gets a mental image of a cereal bowl?  Yeah shut up.


A massive protest is currently erupting in Egypt, a profound message that is resonating throughout the whole world.

30 years of oppression by the despot Hosni Mubarak is enough- Understandable.


I do want to take this opportunity to appreciate the funniness of this ruthless dictator’s first name, “Hosni”.

Just say it aloud,


Mubarak… sounds too much like Moo0oooo Barak…



K Arab,


Seriously, I’ll be damned if this isn’t the next GOP talking point.

But really, if there’s one thing we have a surplus of in this country it is right wing lunatics (this surplus seems to be proportional to the national debt).

But correlation doesn’t equal causation right?

Yeah, and my penis is the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

The world has had so many cruel dictators, and for some reason all of them have very funny names- Most of which are not appreciated enough.  I mean, how many times have we heard Saddam Hussein be referred to as, “So Damn Insane”?


A few days ago, Barak Obama agreed to an interview with Bill O’Reilly on Fox News.  Of course, you can’t win against the rude and impudent O’Reilly on his home turf, the self-proclaimed “fair and balanced” Fox News.

O’Reilly?  More like “O’ RLY?”

O’Reilly looked and sounded too much like the obnoxious “O’ RLY?” Owl, staring down at Obama in constant contempt.

However, I would say that Obama did a good job defending himself from O’ RLY?’s indirect accusations of being a socialist (bringing up “distribution of wealth” and healthcare – Check 3:50).

Have a listen for yourself:


No Tie?


Have a look:


Oh what a great facial expression Fox “News” caught…and chose to post on the internet.  Out of the whole interview, they clearly chose Obama’s most flattering pose.

All of a sudden, Presidents are evil for not wearing ties to interviews?

Obama probably chose not to wear a tie on this interview.

You heard me O’Reilly, or should I say, O’ RLY?

You’re not worth Obama’s tie…or time.


I am so hardcore that I use Extra Strength Tiger Balm as lube.




2 Responses to “Oh You Silly Ruthless Dictators and Your Funny Names.”

  1. Badude February 13, 2011 at 2:28 am #

    Where do you find these pics? lol

  2. themiserableranter February 13, 2011 at 1:06 pm #

    Some I make, some I thank Google Images for. =)

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