Fantastic Back and Forth With Justin Beiber Fan.

4 Feb

Beiber Fan: Please come back. <—-(Not directed to me, they just said it randomly)

@miserableranter: You want me to cum on your back? bend over sonny.

Beiber Fan: That's absolutely discusting. What are you, 60 years old.

@miserableranter: 60 AND A HALF, OK?

Beiber Fan: Gross…

@miserableranter: I'm a stealth muslim jihadist pedophile liberal pansy.

Beiber Fan: Can you please, fuck off. Before I get police on your ass.

@miserableranter: PO- LICE? I LIKE LICE.

Beiber Fan: You're discusting. Stop it.

@miserableranter: Care to grab a drink with me? *says in best rapist voice ever.

I'd say that was successful,



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