It’s been a while since I shaved my dolphin’s crotch.

30 Dec

Confusing enough for ya? Good.


So it has been a while guys.  I’ve missed you.


Obama has a special relationship with coins.  When he was young, his father used to  peg the shit out of him with nickels.

Seriously what the hell is going on here? Giving pardons…? OK.  but to a guy who was charged with “Mutilation of Coins” 25 years ago?

“Mutilation of Coin(s),”  I guess to be a felon you’ve got to “mutilate” several coins, one coin just isn’t enough.

Personally, I think the guy should be dismantled with a chainsaw.

Yeah I mean that guy is pretty much a terrorist.

I thought that Obama, being the first black President, would have some special reasons for his pardons or say something more profound.  The best he could come up with is a shitty list of 9 “felons“?  6 of whom weren’t even jailed?  Sounds like an epic fail to me.

Here is a link to the article:


So I was at the gym today with my cousin to get FUCKING JACKED.  He asks me, “So out of the row of girls in front of us, rate them 1 to 7.”

I was shocked at the idea but immediately began assembling an order in my mind.

The back of the girl’s head in front of me was screaming “JEW JEW JEW JEW JEW.”

She had a nice body so I put her as number 2.  There was a girl in front of her that was number 1-  Only problem is she was VERY WEAK AND TINY.  The rest were very sad and will not be mentioned.

After 15-20 minutes on the elliptical, the #2 girl got off the machine.  That’s when I found out that the weak and tiny one was the  #2 girl’s MOM and they were both Indian.  Huge fail on my part.    I think I’m losing it.  It=my mind.

Lick something,


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