Sex with monkeys?

8 Dec

If we’re all animals, then you’re an ass!

Horrible joke!


if we’re all apes, then

1.  The phrase “going ape-shit” holds a very specific meaning.

2.  I fucked your sister.

3.  How do you like dem apples?

4.  They’re mighty sour.

5.  Yeah, I know. Should of added more sugar.

6.  R-Kelly peed on a 15-year-old girl.

7.  If R-Kelly was able to pee on a girl, I at least should be able to pee on an ape.

8.  If given the chance, would you pee on R-Kelly?

9.  Why is the divorce rate so high?

10.  Paris Hilton is a stupid cunt.

11.  Isn’t this list kickass?

12.  Make sure to comment and subscribe, you wouldn’t want to miss this koala excrement of a blog.

Subscribe or die.

Subscribe or get pissed on by an ape.

Subscribe or I’ll send you a picture of Barbara Bush’s bush. (not a pretty picture)

I don’t think that leaves you with much of a choice.





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