No Happy Ending?WTF. Sucky sucky 10 dolla?

6 Dec

I have been going to this spa for a long time, its called King Spa Sauna.  I fucking love this place; Its a Korean style sauna- it really helps alleviate stress and any kind of tension/pain you’ve accrued.

I can’t help but feel like theres a huge stigma in America against going to the spa, especially for guys.

Russians/Europeans/Koreans don’t seem to have it, I think it is exclusively an American thing.  Because I know how beneficial this kind of thing can be for stress, I always try to encourage and recommend people I know to come with; but I often run into the following dialogue:

A spa? Do they give a happy ending?” 75% of the time, they’re serious.  And they should be, especially if they are stressed.  A happy ending would definitely help the stress…ok off topic.

Either people immediately ask me if they give a happy ending, or they say “Sucky sucky 10 dollaaaaa mee luv you loooong tiemmmm?”

That line is from Full Metal Jacket, and she was a Vietnamese hooker, you ignorant cunts.  Korea, China, and Vietnam, they are ACTUALLY different places you fucking pricks.

First of all, the women that work at this place are really pretty old.  When I say old I mean borderline ancient… 50 and over.

Hmmm, I mean, if you’ve got the cash to just walk in there and talk about “expecting a happy ending,” you might actually get one.  Go on ahead and try it, let me know how it goes.  But I could never risk getting black-listed from a place like this, been going there for years.

BTW no one paid me to advertise this shit, so you fuck yourself ahead of time.

PS. Fill me in on how you like these blog posts.  Are they vulgar enough for you?  Perhaps not as substantive as other blogs you’ve read?  Let me know.


Eat my balls,



3 Responses to “No Happy Ending?WTF. Sucky sucky 10 dolla?”

  1. Lady Om Nom December 6, 2010 at 12:20 pm #

    Dear Joe, I have eaten your balls and they are quite salty and inadequetely sized, also one is a rectangle shape. wtf is with that.

    Love Mittsy

  2. Cheap Car Hire Alicante Airport January 31, 2011 at 9:27 pm #

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  3. themiserableranter February 13, 2011 at 11:39 pm #

    Hahahaha, “kind of odd” is PERFECT. Thank you!
    I got new posts up, you might enjoy them as well =)

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