You’re still an asshole.

4 Dec

As most of us are aware of, there are a huge number of assholes out there.

While we generalize, I think it would be naive not to admit that we have our own categories of asshole.

We all compartmentalize the types of assholes we come across day by day.

“Gee, this guy seems like an asshole”—> Puts in group of previous asshole from last week.

Sound familiar?  It should.

I have my own ways of understanding the various degrees of assholiness….wait that sounds wrong,  asshole-ity?

I have my own ways of understanding the various degrees that someone can be a scumbag.

Level 1:  You are completely unaware of your assholeishness.  You act on a whim, you just don’t give a shit about how others may react to this…because you don’t know any better.  This level of douchebaggery relies completely on naivety for justification.

Level 2:  You know you’re an asshole.  You openly are an asshole and completely accept the way you are at the moment.  You know, when stubborn cunts say, “I ain’t changin’ for anyone. Pshhhh.”

Level 3:  You know you’re an asshole, and you openly admit to anyone that you are aware of this. You are a huge flake, a lousy sack of camel feces that advertises his pathetic behavior to the world. You’re like a sea cucumber.  You’re life is meaningless; All you do is shit all over the place.

Level 4:  This is the final level.  You’re an asshole that openly admits you’re an asshole.  On top of that, you understand how people around you will view your pathetic nature… and you’re consciously aware of your assholishness.  You are a real loser.

And I know…if you think about each of the levels I mentioned for long enough, you can find a reason to justify the general behavior that I pointed out.  For example, you can use the naivety in “level 1” to justify the asshole’s behavior.

I want to be 100% clear:  In my eyes, it doesn’t matter what you are or aren’t aware of.

If you’re an asshole, you’re an asshole.  I don’t try to change anyones personality. I accept people how they are, not matter how painful that might be for me.

If you meet an asshole and then say to yourself, “Gee, maybe he had a hard life,” or something along those lines, you’re falling into the trap.  These people are just cunts, accept it. Move on.

Empathy is a good thing.  But we all know that too much of a good thing can be detrimental.


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