You can’t do it.

3 Dec

Seriously, don’t let these fermented horse urine guzzlers bring you down.

Let me tell you something about people who tell you that an attempt in any direction is a waste of time.  Those people are full of shit.

You are trying to figure out what to do with yourself and all you get is a shitstorm of cunts that give you reasons why you can’t.

“Oh, I had help in the beggining…” “Oh, I was lucky…the competition is too great, don’t even bother.”  Fuck those people.

You know who you are.  If you have said this to someone, from the bottom of my heart, go fuck yourself.

No matter where you go you WILL face competition, so brace yourself for that.  When I say BRACE I don’t mean give up, I mean go on with the grind.  That is the problem with so many people, including myself-  We are made to think that all attempts are futile, life is out of our control.  That mentality can suck my ballsack.

So the chances are small, so cunting what?  The man with the smallest penis is still capable of inseminating some sad woman.  Sure his chances are slim in finding that  women with the small penis fetish, but you don’t just give up.


One Response to “You can’t do it.”

  1. Operapussy December 3, 2010 at 5:16 pm #

    You really are a twisted freak.

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