The Dysfunctional Weiner

14 Jun
Anthony Weiner at the LGBT Pride parade, New Y...

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Long time no blog, I know.

I just couldn’t pass up discussing the latest news about Congressman Anthony Weiner.

To many, his actions seem indefensible.  To me, understanding this situation is a matter of comparison.

We’ve seen many Federal figureheads resign as a result of sex scandals.  One of the main differences with Weiner is that there is no physical sex involved in the story!

Anyone that becomes a popular media icon ends up being held to unrealistic standard of living. 

I can only imagine what it must feel like to be so Left in a governing body that is so Right Wing.

I am not using stress associated with his job as an excuse to justify Weiner’s obviously irresponsible actions- However, pleading for this man to resign and quit his job is outrageous.

What does taking pictures of yourself and sending them to women have to do with his stance on healthcare and the federal budget?

Weiner works nonstop, and never quits prematurely.  He has always been regarded by the Left as rock solid, never going astray from his political stances.


Just a thought:

The Left is dismissing Weiner as the stain on the “blue dress” of the democratic party and calling for his resignation.

As if  the Left wasn’t already popular as being “blue dress” wearing sissies, now they are running away from defending one of their most effective spokespeople.


I hope that Congressman Weiner does not resign, because he has a proven record of fighting for the people he represents…the penises that comprise America as we know it.

Everyone is a little bit of a dick, which is why this Congressman is America’s favorite Weiner.



And so he the land of the Virgins…

13 Mar

Seriously though, moose are such spoiled arrogant animals… I mean, imagine being BORN with a CROWN ATTACHED to your scalp. Wtf.

What a goofy-ass animal, really.

If you also think moose are goofy as hell, make sure to leave a comment.


…and the “land of the Virgins” is not the Anime club, OR Pax East.

However, I did spend the last 3 days in Virginia.  Yes Virginia, home of the horrendous Virginia Tech shooting and the largest flagship Whole Foods market you’ve ever seen.

You can’t choose what you want to eat…there are like 8 different feeding stations: sushi, fried fish, ribs, chicken, soups, salads, and it’s also a general market.

This was my first time in the state of Virginia…and my antennae were honed into any possible “southern hospitality” that I may experience while in the Virgin capital.

It’s crazy though, my first night here, squirrels took me out bar hopping.

The nature aspect of Virginia is beautiful though, any given area of woods may  have dozens or more kinds of trees and animals.  They have foxes there; Scary shit, I know.

As I write this, I am trying to figure out what graphic to use and the only thing that is entering my demented New York mind is an image of a moose.

Are there even moose in Virginia? Probably not, only in Alaska

Oh well, same thing.

OK, its not the same thing… but if you think I’m an asshole then you’re an even bigger one for actually reading this.


So this tsunami and earthquake hit Japan in case you live under a rock and haven’t heard about this yet.  It was a cataclysmic 8.9 on the Richter Scale.  All you have to know is that is not good.

I have a friend in Japan…he is alright, but one of his friends has completely fallen out of touch since the disaster.

The scariest thing is that despite how many of these types of natural disasters we hear about, no one can really prepare that much better.

Imagine, an earthquake basically destroys everything you have, then you have the ocean hitting you with 25 ft storm surges.

Yes, that means you wouldn’t have time to save your PS3, or your computer, you moron.

No you don’t have time to grab your DS before you run for the tallest mountain in your country.

Stay safe my invisible internet friends,


So, Charlie Sheen Has Lost His Mind…WIN!

7 Mar
Charlie Sheen in March 2009

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He really has lost touch.

You should all watch/listen to this:

Today, Charlie Sheen was finally let go from the hit show Two and a Half Men.

It’s a great show, and I hope they do not try to replace Sheen because it will not work.

But how messed up is Sheen really?

To me, the ultimate test if Sheen is still sane is: if he refers to his terminated contract for Two and a Half Men as a “win“.


Doesn’t he look kind of like Beavis from Beavis and Butthead though?

Obviously the hair color is different, but aside from that…I’m sure Sheen would admit to being a raging “bunghole” at times…maybe even a “cornholio”.

(All those were legit quotes from Sheen, by the way)


I mean, the poor guy (scratch that- filthy rich guy*****) does enough coke in one session to kill two and a half Mexicans.


But no one can deny that the guy is smart.  He has a way with words, even if at times he doesn’t actually mean anything or make any sense.

When he speaks, its almost poetic.

I think his quotes will be remembered for years to come.


I will leave you with my top 5 favorite Charlie Sheen Quotes:

1. “I am on a drug, it’s called Charlie Sheen (even though he’s a low-life scumbag wife beater) It’s not available because if you try it you will die. Your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body.”

2. “The run I was on made Sinatra, Flynn, Jagger, Richards, all of them look like droopy-eyed armless children.”

3. “Can’t is the cancer of happening.”

4. “I’m tired of pretending I’m not a total bitchin’ rock star from Mars.”

5. “I have a disease? Bullshit. I cured it with my brain.”

Your favorite nutcase,


Emergency Candles Are For Pussies.

20 Feb

First of all, if you do not own a flashlight by now, you fail.

When the lights suddenly go off, almost always temporarily due to weather, is that really a “state of emergency”?

I mean, damn- The word “emergency” has really become watered down hasn’t it?

It’s not like Godzilla has already shish-kebab‘d a couple of hunred of your neighbors or anything-

That would be an emergency.

…I guess if you’ve got a couple of hundred “neighbors” you’d probably be living in a city as opposed to a farm somewhere in the Mid-West.

Godzilla in a major city, a huge problem; Godzilla wreaking havoc on acres of corn-stalks is no emergency.

But seriously, using “Emergency” to describe a use for candles is a bit strange…. I get it, people who don’t even need candles will buy them to be ready for that rare and improbable  emergency lurking around the corner.

“Emergency” is vague in this context.

What if your dog drove your car into the local pizzeria?

That is clearly an emergency, but are the candles really imperative?  I suppose as punishment you can pour hot candle wax onto your pooch’s eyeball, but that is hardly necessary.

They should rename these candle’s specifically to “Candles To Use When The Lights Go Out”  or better yet, “Candles For Pussies Who Are Scared Of The Dark”- in order for avoid any misunderstanding.

But those titles were too long, hmmmm how can we shorten them up?….

“Candles For Pussies In The Dark”

“Candles For Dark Pussies”

err…wait a sec..

“Candles For Pussies” works right?  But then who wants to be called a “pussy”?

How about, “Candles For Cocks”?  That’s no better is it…?

Give me some time, I’ll work on it.


Let’s not forget about the lightning bolt in the corner of the box which clearly serves to remind us that lightning is out to get us, and we need to be ready when it does.

Pshhhh yeah right,

maybe if “lightning” = Chuck Norris ;

but then how would candles help?!?!


But the word “Emergency” really does seem to work.  We hear the word everywhere, from news media, to government officials, to candles; emergencies have really become a part of our culture- They make great selling points, for ideas and products alike.

Emergence…+y…. EMERGEN- C!

OMG, I just thought of the best sugarized soft drink for kids.. its called Emergen-C.

Wait nevermind, I Google‘d it and apparently there is a vitamin drink called “Emergen-C”, epic fail.

At least my failure supports my original statement that “Emergency” sells.


But “emergency” does have the word “emergence” in it, which actually means nothing to me.

All I know is that the word used to actually mean something. Wtf.

I declare the lackluster contemporary meaning of the word “Emergency” an official State of Emergency.


Leave a comment if you believe the word “emergency” needs to make a comeback.

Also, don’t forget to check out my Facebook Fan page on the top right side of this blog.


Only YOU Can Prevent Forest Fires,


Oh You Silly Ruthless Dictators and Your Funny Names.

12 Feb

So the Fudge Packers got the job done during the Super Bowel- Are you pissed off yet at my indifference to this?

I’m not a huge fan of jacked monsters smashing into each other.

Take that last statement how you may, it was definitely not gay.  Holy shit, did that just rhyme?

Am I the only one who, upon hearing Super Bowl, still gets a mental image of a cereal bowl?  Yeah shut up.


A massive protest is currently erupting in Egypt, a profound message that is resonating throughout the whole world.

30 years of oppression by the despot Hosni Mubarak is enough- Understandable.


I do want to take this opportunity to appreciate the funniness of this ruthless dictator’s first name, “Hosni”.

Just say it aloud,


Mubarak… sounds too much like Moo0oooo Barak…



K Arab,


Seriously, I’ll be damned if this isn’t the next GOP talking point.

But really, if there’s one thing we have a surplus of in this country it is right wing lunatics (this surplus seems to be proportional to the national debt).

But correlation doesn’t equal causation right?

Yeah, and my penis is the Hunchback of Notre Dame.

The world has had so many cruel dictators, and for some reason all of them have very funny names- Most of which are not appreciated enough.  I mean, how many times have we heard Saddam Hussein be referred to as, “So Damn Insane”?


A few days ago, Barak Obama agreed to an interview with Bill O’Reilly on Fox News.  Of course, you can’t win against the rude and impudent O’Reilly on his home turf, the self-proclaimed “fair and balanced” Fox News.

O’Reilly?  More like “O’ RLY?”

O’Reilly looked and sounded too much like the obnoxious “O’ RLY?” Owl, staring down at Obama in constant contempt.

However, I would say that Obama did a good job defending himself from O’ RLY?’s indirect accusations of being a socialist (bringing up “distribution of wealth” and healthcare – Check 3:50).

Have a listen for yourself:


No Tie?


Have a look:

Oh what a great facial expression Fox “News” caught…and chose to post on the internet.  Out of the whole interview, they clearly chose Obama’s most flattering pose.

All of a sudden, Presidents are evil for not wearing ties to interviews?

Obama probably chose not to wear a tie on this interview.

You heard me O’Reilly, or should I say, O’ RLY?

You’re not worth Obama’s tie…or time.


I am so hardcore that I use Extra Strength Tiger Balm as lube.



Hungry Hobos Make Bad Pancakes

4 Feb

I saw a story on the news once of a woman who locked her  3 kids in her basement and only fed them pancake batter for weeks.

Welcome to my world.  I am the pancake batter.


Ok seriously, what is the deal with Trojan Fire and Ice condoms?

I don’t want fire OR ice anywhere near my cock.  And to make matters worse the prospect of my penis on fire just shriveled me testes.

Be honest, does this ad make you want to buy this product?

Upon purchasing your item, your hair will morph into Sonic The Hedgehog.

I guess with that super sonic speed you could do some serious boning.


Sorry Trojan, still not sold.

I’d be laughing the whole time at her hair.

Hysterical laughter + libido= Fail.


“You can take the person out of the cock, but you can’t take the cock out of the person.”


Fantastic Back and Forth With Justin Beiber Fan.

4 Feb

Beiber Fan: Please come back. <—-(Not directed to me, they just said it randomly)

@miserableranter: You want me to cum on your back? bend over sonny.

Beiber Fan: That's absolutely discusting. What are you, 60 years old.

@miserableranter: 60 AND A HALF, OK?

Beiber Fan: Gross…

@miserableranter: I'm a stealth muslim jihadist pedophile liberal pansy.

Beiber Fan: Can you please, fuck off. Before I get police on your ass.

@miserableranter: PO- LICE? I LIKE LICE.

Beiber Fan: You're discusting. Stop it.

@miserableranter: Care to grab a drink with me? *says in best rapist voice ever.

I'd say that was successful,


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